St. Patrick’s Day: Brownie Bites

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I was tempted to title this post Attempt #2 – Cake Balls – but then I realized that what I’ve created is really nothing like Bakerella’s Cake Balls. I used the same basic steps but totally different ingredients. Thus, I get to call these beautiful things – Brownie Bites – myContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day: Brownie Bites”

St. Patrick’s Day: Three Leaf Clover Nutella Brownies

Oh brownies, brownies, how I love you so. I made these brownies special for St. Patrick’s Day – can you tell? The recipe was pretty simple. I started by melting some semi-sweet chocolate chips and butter in a double boiler. Once the chocolate and butter melted, I added sugar and cocoa powder. Next, I whiskedContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day: Three Leaf Clover Nutella Brownies”