Gourmet Club: Brunch

As I mentioned earlier, our most recent Gourmet Club was the best theme yet: brunch for dinner! I had been looking forward to this night for ages. Sipping mimosas while watching the sunset made this night beautiful and tasty 🙂

Now for the spread…

There was supposed to be a baked mushroom omelette which would have added a nice savoury component to the meal — but the delicous rosti made up for it:

My friend Jaime did a wonderful job preparing the rosti — don’t they look perfect?

Next up, baked french toast:

Served with a side of glazed strawberries:

Then we had some coconut pancakes,

corn muffins,

fresh berries,

and last but not least, delicious homemade granola (courtesy of Ali 🙂 )

Thanks ladies for a wonderful evening.

Yours edibly,


P.S. I prepared the sticky buns, which you can see in the picture of the spread.

Gourmet Club: Mexican Fiesta

I had a jolly ol’ time at the Mexican Fiesta.

Here are some pictures (as promised).

Please excuse the quality of these pics as lighting was poor and stomachs were growling.

Once again…chicken enchiladas!

Mexican salad: black beans, pepper, tomatoes, and corn.

7-Layer Dip: Refried Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream, Taco Seasoned Mayo, Green Onions, Tomatoes, and Cheese

Make your own Nachos: Sour Cream, Guacamole, Cheese, Salsa, Hot Peppers, and Olives

Cheese Quesadillas

Clockwise from the top: Chicken Taquitos, Jalapeno and Cheese Popovers, and Mini Beef Tacos

Stuff I forgot to photograph: Spanish Rice & Margaritas.

Life is just so much better when you eat like a Mexican.



Chicken Enchiladas

I know what you’re thinking — yum, yum, yum. My mouth is watering.

My cutie friend Ali and I made these enchiladas for Gourmet Club: Mexican Fiesta! They were super easy to make and super tasty.

The best part is putting the filling into the tortillas.

We used PC Blue Menu Chipotle  & Red Pepper Whole Grain Tortillas.

It made the enchiladas healthier and tastier.

We almost used canned enchilada sauce but then we realized it tasted nasty and cheap. So we made the sauce from scratch instead!

Much better idea.

Ali poured the sauce and I took some pictures…

Then Ali added lots of cheddar cheese (light) while I took more pictures.

Serve the enchiladas with sour cream – it helps reduce the face sweats!

You can find the recipe here.

Thanks for the good times Ali 🙂

Gourmet Club: Mexican Fiesta pictures will be up shortly – stay tuned.

Yours edibly,


Gourmet Club Pictures (Finally!)

Here are some pictures from the Gourmet Club’s first potluck dinner on February 13th, followed by the Grammy’s! The theme was Taste of Thai — so thailicious!

It was an absolutely wonder-pho evening, except that there was no pho 😦

Dinner included:

Thai Basil Chicken,

Mango Salad,

Chicken Curry,

Pad Thai with Peanut Sauce,

and my Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

There was also salad, steamed rice, and lots and lots of wine.

Dessert included: Sticky Coconut Rice Pudding with Mango and Mango Sorbet!

Unfortunately, dessert was gobbled up so fast I wasn’t  able to take any pictures of it!


Yours edibly,


Fresh Rolls (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

My friend recently started a Gourmet Club, where once a month a group of us meet up at someone’s house and have a potluck style dinner party always with a new theme.

Our first dinner was this past Sunday and the theme was Taste of Thai (pictures to come). I decided to make these delicious fresh rolls, or vietnamese spring rolls, and a mango sorbet for dessert!

Fresh rolls are easy and fun to make, but slightly time-consuming. I’m a very meticulous person so it took me a good two hours just to roll these wraps, but the final product made up for all the hard work. Here is my recipe for these wraps:


  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 mango
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 avocado
  • fresh cilantro
  • fresh mint leaves
  • 1 package rice vermicelli noodles
  • about 24 rice paper wraps


  1. Juliennethe cucumber, mango, carrots, and avocado so they are all about an even length (2-3 inches long)
  2. Finely chop cilantro
  3. Prepare rice vermicelli noodles as per package instructions, or place noodles in hot water (180°F) for about 5-6 minutes then quickly drain water and place noodles under cold running water until completely cooled
  4. Set up your rolling station with all your veggies, herbs, noodles, wraps, and a cutting board, shallow wide bowl with hot water and towel
  5. Soak one wrapper at a time in hot water until flexible, dry off on towel, and place on cutting board
  6. Add all ingredients set off to one side, roll one side of wrapper over ingredients, then fold in both sides, then continue rolling (see pictures for this step)
  7. Let wraps sit under damp towel to prevent from drying out
  8. Makes about 24 wraps
  9. Eat and enjoy!

Place all ingredients in wrap, set off to one side

Fold over one end of wrap so it is just covering ingredients

Fold each side of the wrap over the centre

Continue rolling from first end and voila!

Yours edibly,