Toronto Bakes for Japan

I always say that homemade goodies are the best goodies. Come show your support for Japan at any of these locations this weekend by buying a homemade goodie from the bake sale. You can also come visit me at Cafe Amaranto on Sunday where I will be helping out and selling my homemade goodies! PicturesContinue reading “Toronto Bakes for Japan”

Gourmet Club: Mexican Fiesta

I had a jolly ol’ time at the Mexican Fiesta. Here are some pictures (as promised). Please excuse the quality of these pics as lighting was poor and stomachs were growling. Once again…chicken enchiladas! Mexican salad: black beans, pepper, tomatoes, and corn. 7-Layer Dip: Refried Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream, Taco Seasoned Mayo, Green Onions, Tomatoes,Continue reading “Gourmet Club: Mexican Fiesta”