Disaster Strikes: Cake Balls, Attempt #1

Last night I attempted to make Bakerella’s famous cake balls (not to be confused with pops). I had all the necessary ingredients — a lovely piece of red velvet cake, yummy cream cheese frosting, and Baker’s white chocolate.

Bakerella makes the process seem so simple, yet the final product looks like a masterpiece. I began by crumbling the red velvet cake, as instructed.

Then I added the cream cheese icing into the bowl with the cake crumbs and mixed it all together until it was at a good rolling consistency.

I rolled the batter into beautiful cake balls — no problems here!

I melted the white chocolate in the microwave then began rolling one ball at a time in the white chocolate.


Cake bits came off into the white chocolate and the white chocolate didn’t form a smooth covering over the balls.

Oh geez. I got off to such a good start!

I’ll save you goodies for Attempt #2.

At least they still tasted good…

Yup, definitely still edible.

Bakerella, where did I go wrong?

Yours edibly,