St. Patrick’s Day: Three Leaf Clover Nutella Brownies

Oh brownies, brownies, how I love you so. I made these brownies special for St. Patrick’s Day – can you tell? The recipe was pretty simple. I started by melting some semi-sweet chocolate chips and butter in a double boiler. Once the chocolate and butter melted, I added sugar and cocoa powder. Next, I whiskedContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day: Three Leaf Clover Nutella Brownies”

Disaster Strikes: Cake Balls, Attempt #1

Last night I attempted to make Bakerella’s famous cake balls (not to be confused with pops). I had all the necessary ingredients — a lovely piece of red velvet cake, yummy cream cheese frosting, and Baker’s white chocolate. Bakerella makes the process seem so simple, yet the final product looks like a masterpiece. I beganContinue reading “Disaster Strikes: Cake Balls, Attempt #1”