Almond Macarons with Vanilla Buttercream

I wish I had known before making these macarons that they would take me four hours to complete. 4 HOURS!

My day was totally shot – but, I think they turned out pretty well. So I am happy 🙂

I started off these macarons by whisking egg whites with granulated sugar until the mixture formed stiff peaks.

Not quite there yet…

That’s better.

Next, I folded the almond flour and icing sugar in with the mixture.

And then I had the batter – so easy!

You’re probably wondering why it took me so long to make these now that you realize there are only four ingredients in the batter.

Well it is mainly because of this next step…

The piping!

And the baking part. Due to some oven technicalities, I could only bake one tray at a time and I had three trays.

So after I finished all these macarons, I started making the vanilla butter cream – also pretty easy, just got sort of complicated when I decided to use four different coloured buttercreams with one piping bag.

Blue was my second favourite colour. Yellow was my third.

Green was my least fave because the buttercream curdled and I didn’t save it in time.

If you look closely you can tell the green buttercream curdled…

Hopefully everyone at my Passover seder will be too drunk to notice.

Pink was my fave colour. It also curdled but I saved it! Poor green, I just didn’t make it in time.

By the way, I made these lovely burgers for my Passover seder.

I will be serving them as an entrée.

My fave!

Things that went wrong:

  • Green and pink buttercream curdled – I saved the pink buttercream by heating it over a double boiler and whisking rapidly until it smoothed out – it turned out better than before!
  • I dropped my metal piping tip into the garburator – it’s okay, I fished it out.
  • I got buttercream on my camera – don’t know how.

Here is the recipe I used.

Try these out for Passover and let me know how they turn out.

Yours edibly,


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